"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.
The important thing is not to stop questioning." Albert Einstein


While we wait for the cure, we get you through your breast cancer.

The No Surrender Breast Cancer Foundation is dedicated to promoting self-advocacy, education, emotional support and empowerment for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

We educate women about every aspect of their disease and help them navigate through the maze of the medical world. By demystifying cancer, each woman can discover the courage and strength she carries within to fight and survive this disease.

By providing up to the minute research and the latest in medical modalities, combined with an evidenced based, peer-driven support community of fellow survivors, women learn to make informed decisions for their particular type of breast cancer.

Our focus is on surviving breast cancer using every means possible. To that aim, we believe that until there is a cure, early detection is the best defense. Our Before Forty Initiative raises awareness to young women, particularly African-American women, of their increased risk of developing the more aggressive Triple Negative Breast Cancer at a young age. African American women are 25% more likely to develop this type of cancer at a young age than caucasian women. Therefore, our outreach educates about the importance of obtaining baseline screening exams before the age of 40 when a tumor may be found before it is too far advanced to survive it.

The goal of The Before Forty Initiative is to ensure that all young women get baseline screening through mammography, ultra sound or breast MRI before they reach the age of 40. This screening must begin no later than the age of 35, and 30 for women of high risk. We are encouraging physicians to promote this initiative and assisting them in getting their insurance carriers to cover these screenings and subsequent follow-up tests.

Local Support
We provide support for patients in the day-to-day living during their treatments. Our pilot program, The No Surrender Outreach Center in Oyster Bay is helping local women with chores, child care, transportation and help around the home. This model plan will be expanded across the nation in the months to come.

Whole Family Support
For patients struggling with advanced disease, we now have a comprehensive support program for the entire family to help with the deep stress during this difficult time. Sensitive, caring, individualized attention is available at a moment's notice. Please contact us directly for immediate help.

We offer hope and encouragement. Through information, guidance, patient understanding and empowerment for anyone newly diagnosed, long term survivor and women battling metastatic disease, we have dedicated ourselves to make this disease one that can be conquered both physically and emotionally while we contribute to the scientific cure that will one day make breast cancer a thing of the past.

While we wait for the cure, we get you through your breast cancer.

The No Surrender Breast Cancer Foundation is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization.
Post Office Box 84, Locust Valley, New York, 11560

Our Website~ Our Message Forum~ Our Programs~ Our Foundation, An Introduction to Us.

The first rule of being diagnosed with breast cancer is: Get Thee a Survivor! We have made that possible for you right here. This site is designed for every woman who has ever been touched by breast cancer. From Newly Diagnosed to Veteran to women living with metastatic disease, HOPE can be found here.

What is No Surrender all about? It is about empowerment, education, survival and hope. As survivors, we give you more than just the facts, we tell you what you need to know in order to fight and survive this disease while keeping your life as sane as possible in a world that has just been turned upside down.

This website covers everything you need to know. We have made it easy to navigate and you will find things your doctor never told you that are vital for the day to day fighting of this disease, and we take you beyond to a wonderful life after your treatments are finally over.

You are not alone. There are over two million women living with breast cancer today. You will find that the Sisterhood will get you through the toughest times when your doctor cannot. We have walked the path that you are on and we want to help you by showing you the way.

A visit to our interactive
MESSAGE FORUM directly connects you with other women in various stages of breast cancer and breast reconstruction. Our collective experience covers every aspect of the disease. Simply click on the Message Board Link and you will be redirected to our live community. Signing up is easy and membership is free. We are pleased to announce that we have now partnered with breastreconstruction.org and members of their forum have now found a home on our Support Board.

We are the No Surrender Sister Corps, and once you get to know us, you will discover that you have found the right place. Day or night, there is always someone who is online, ready to reach out and help you or spend some time chatting with you. Just jump in and say hi, we will take care of the rest!

How We are Different from other Sites

This is not a medical website. It is a real life survival guide by survivor for survivor. It is the reality of what you need to know for the day to day management of your life now, post diagnosis. Only another survivor can know what you need right now. That is why this is a group effort. We welcome input from all our members to better help us serve your needs.

Through this site, the Message Forum and even our Founder’s blog, you will find basic, solid information about breast cancer. We have taken off the "white coats" and put the information you need into language that is understandable. We know that the worst part of being diagnosed with breast cancer is all the unknowns and how powerless that makes you feel. We believe knowledge is power and an informed patient is a good patient who is her own best advocate.

You will learn about your
diagnosis, cancer's basic stages, what your pathology report means, and all your options including choosing a doctor and surgery. Chemotherapy is clearly explained and de-coded so you will understand what your doctor is telling you and be able to make informed decisions.

Please check back often, because we are constantly updating
research news which could potentially pertain to your care.


We didn't just stop at a website. We have also built a non-profit foundation to expand our reach to women all over the world. Our Mission is to educate, empower, embrace and save lives. We have two main initiatives, the No Surrender Sister Corps and the
Before Forty initiative. The Sister Corps reaches out across the nation to organize groups, offer local resources and be your hands-on contact to No Surrender. The Before Forty Initiative's goal is to save the lives of young women, particularly African American Women, through early screening. We seek to change the age of 40 as the age of a baseline mammogram, because we have lost too many young women who were diagnosed long before they ever reached 40. It is our endeavor to change federal mandates, insurance company practices and to get the word out to every young woman that she should get her baseline BEFORE 40 - and that screening must include sonogram and breast MRI so that cancers can be detected in younger, denser breasts.

Our pilot program which offers local assistance has launched in Oyster Bay, New York. The No Surrender Outreach Center aids women in treatment with the day to day needs of transportation, child care, household chores and one-on-one support. This program will be expanded across the nation in the near future.

Whole Family Counseling is available for advanced disease patients to help with the stresses a family endures at such a difficult time. Please contact us directly for immediate assistance. We are here for you.

We are glad you found us. You are on the road to reclaiming your life again.
Remember to breathe. We made it through this. We'll show you how you can too.

And Above ALL-
No Surrender!

The No Surrender Breast Cancer Foundation is a 501 c 3 Not-For-Profit Organization. Please see our Disclaimer and Terms of Use.